Motivational Training In Armenia


In December 2019 three FRI members took part in a unique motivational training “Gates and Keys: Motivation” from an ICIRLD — our partners from Armenia.

Supported by the Erasmus+ program, the training course was dedicated to the development of young leaders’ motivation and also aimed to help with setting goals, priorities and to broaden the horizons.


For Roman Melnyk participation in the program became a perfect opportunity to go abroad for the first time and to visit such a bright and exotic country as Armenia.

“We took our time to do things we had never thought about before. For example, we meditated, recalled our childhood, and explored ourselves”, Roman shares his experiences.

“Overall, I liked the program. The educational part lasted for 6-7 hours a day, and the trip became a perfect opportunity to practice English while communicating with active youth from other countries. Experience of Georgians was the most resonant, they shared their vision of bordering with Russia, which was also relevant for Ukrainians”.


Viktoria Volvach, the head of the Sumy branch of FRI, recalls the motivational training in Armenia as the best event in 2019, which helped to understand the priorities and learn to take the time to rest and to take care of herself.

“It is a really important project, but it was less intensive comparing with FRI events. The participants had time to think and to relax, to meditate, to create art and to draw their childhood memories or write a wishlist”.

In general, there were the representatives of 8 countries at the event, who held passionate evenings with the informal communication and comfortable atmosphere afterward. Viktoria warmly recalls participants from Georgia who were extremely inspirational. The personal breakthrough for the FRI member was the practice of English and German, as well as the opportunity to rethink priorities and values in life.


“When you’re the head of the FRI department, you become tired, and this program helped me to reboot. I am thankful for this opportunity and I’d like to come again”, — Viktoria concludes.

FRI participant Anna Pashkevych describes her experience: “I work as HR People Partner in the IT company. In general, I am often confronted with motivation — both at work and with my own, as I have come through burnout periods. So I am interested in this topic, and I wanted to find out what else is in the realm of motivation to understand myself and others better. I was a team leader in the program, and this was the first experience in this role. I liked it!


The most striking impressions are the incredible people, each with their own unique experience, with whom you can discuss serious topics and, of course, hang out. This was my second international program, and I was amazed that it is possible to get people altogether, to have a group rest whilst not splitting up to small groups.

The training was cool, we had an experienced trainer who provided us with a lot of useful information every day. I realized new things about myself that I previously couldn’t even imagine. Partially after the project, I shared some insights with my colleagues, and now I use them for myself in my work. It’s cool that everyone can get something for themselves from the materials received”.


We hope that the positive experience of the members of FRI will help others with the motivation to create their projects and participate in international programs!