FRI participants shared their experience in Kharkiv


Recently the members of the Kharkiv branch of FRI (ФРІ Харків) held an internal event “Vilnyi Liutyi” (eng. “Free February”) where they tried themselves as facilitators.

The purpose of the meeting was to share knowledge on their favorite topics and develop speaking skills.

👉 Such topics as public speaking, burning out and self-esteem have been discussed.

During all the deliberations people:
✔️ found out how important it is to present yourself with high quality;
✔️ understood what skills, in addition to information possession, are required for successful public speaking;
✔️ saw real-life examples of how not to lose passion about what you do;
✔️ once again were convinced that they are not alone in their defeats and victories;
✔️ listened to many interesting stories and made useful conclusions for themselves.

We want to show you some insights of each theme:
✍️ Burning out:
“If you feel burned out, don’t be afraid to pause and ask your friends and FRI members for help”, — Lizaveta Kurytsyna.

✍️ Self-esteem:
“We can do a lot of different things, but we think that it’s not enough. It’s important to praise and thank ourselves”, — Олег Гребенюк (Oleh Hrebeniuk).

✍️ Public speaking:
“When talking to an audience, act as confident as possible, so that it could be read in your gestures. Look for a contact, breathe, don’t be shy and remember: emotions are important!” — Тетяна Бокова (Tati Solnce).

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