The First Ukrainian Erasmus+ Project by FRI Is About To Begin


Meanwhile, as the rough preparations for the Erasmus+ project “Many cultures — One Human Race” are underway, the team leaders from Poland, France, Jordan, Italy, and Armenia have come to Ukraine.

The representatives of different countries already got acquainted with each other and became friends. The meeting was very productive as they discussed all the details of the program and shared the responsibilities among the organizations. Also, they discussed the practical details: transfer to the place, accommodation, food, refund and set up a clear plan of actions: a selection of participants, obtaining visas, tasks for the participants upon completion of the project, etc.

“Many cultures — One Human Race” is the Erasmus+ project that is organized by the team of the International Department of FRI together with Fundacja Zielony Słoń / Green Elephant Foundation (Poland), Parcours Le Monde Ile-de-France (France), International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue (Armenia), Youth Spirit Center – YSC  (Jordan), and Associazione Vagamondo (Italy). It’s going to take place in Verkhovyna from the 25th of February to the 4th of March.

The goals of the project are as follows:
📍 to better understand the processes of migration;
📍 to eradicate stereotypes, prejudices which concern migrants as well as representatives of other cultures;
📍 to prevent violence, conflicts, and radicalization on the basis of cultural differences;
📍 to enhance intercultural understanding;
📍 to prevent misunderstanding of people;
📍 to raise the level of tolerance;
📍 to establish a dialogue between participants and organizations for future connections and projects.