How To Find Your Dream Job


You are well educated, have soft and hard skills, know foreign languages, but still can’t find a job? The members of the Kyiv branch of FRI tried to solve the problem of youth employment and organized the project “Ahov, shukayesh robotu?” (eng. “Hey, are you looking for a job?”), where for 2 days 20 participants went through the whole cycle of job placement.


The coordinator of the project Olena Novik says that the problem of youth employment in our country is quite widespread, and the idea of ​​organizing such an intensive came from one of the international exchanges.


On the first day, participants worked on how to find a dream job and understand what business they were willing to devote a significant part of their time to, and also improved their best resumes. They learned that the most common mistakes of young people are finding positions that are irrelevant to their experience, fear of doing something wrong, and sending one summary to all projects without correcting it for the vacancy.


“It is very cool that the speakers have also gone through the way we are all now: from college, job search and successful jobs. And they have already given practical advice and clear points: where and what to look for and how the process of employment in specific cases is going”, — said Katerina, one of the participants of the weekend.


The next day, the participants learned to present themselves at the interview. The speaker talked about how to prepare for a meeting with an employer and how to tell about your achievements, even if it is just a school diploma. First, the members understood how important it is to be able to sell yourself, and then everyone could demonstrate their knowledge and have a real-time interview.


The final topic of the program was the problem of adaptation in the team. The speaker Anna Pashkevych, an HR-manager in one of the local IT companies, recommends writing down your expectations from the job position and share it with the headship. They also talked about the so-called work-life balance, the balance between personal life, hobbies, and the job.

“If you have a job, but no personal life or favorite activity, you are risking to burn out and soon you’ll have to make up in these spheres. Don’t wear yourself out, because it will seem productive only after the first week”, —shared Anna.

She also suggests you finding something which will give you energy for renovation.


The speakers shared their experience emphasizing that not education, neither teachers nor parents can help you to get a job. Everything depends on you. Don’t be frustrated if you’ve failed an interview once or twice. You have to continue trying again and again until you find the right job.


Finally, here are 5 tips from the event that will help you to find your dream job:


1. Enlighten your soft and hard skills, try to understand what you can do well and what you enjoy doing the most. Define your life values.

2. Gain experience in internships, student initiatives, NGOs, and in different volunteering projects.

3. Design your experience in a resume correctly. Even if it seems to you that your achievements are minor but they are related to the responsibilities in the company – do not hesitate to specify them.

4. Prepare yourself thoroughly for the job interview, learn the vision, mission, and values of the company. During the interview don’t forget to be yourself and ask the question to your future employer.

5. Try to balance your job, studies, personal life, and self-development. Don’t forget to rest and care about your health, both mental and physical.