Our Danish fairytale


10 representatives of Ukraine have participated in a cultural youth exchange called MOJN that has recently ended in Denmark.

(See the report from the same project in Ukrainian )
The goal oh this project was to unite young people from different countries through the arts and to show the global nature of today’s world.

The project has been very successful, because all participants were one team. Neither different age of the participants nor the language barrier was a problem for participants. The project was presented by four countries: Denmark , Ukraine, Romania and Italy.

Daily routine was pretty intense – there was a lot of training – we had to prepare a program in a very short time. We were divided in several groups – music, modern dance, circus and break dance.

The invited trainers was extraordinary professional. They started motivational sessions from the first day. Every day till the end of training, we sat in a circle and shared our impressions and experiences. On the day before the performance coach used a method in which participants were physically exhausted first , and then had rest during which the trainer motivated the participants to a different outlook in life. Before each performance coach approached each participant group and gave final instructions, and with the end of the group gathered and thanked for their work. The use of such methods of work with the group significantly improves its performance, raises the tone of each of its members and helps to work in a team. Final motivational training was talk to team members about their dreams, experiences, and plans for a short time. This set of exercises helps participants to update their life goals.

After two days of training we held the first performance and it was great! Each of us has experienced a change and discovered something new and overcame certain internal barriers.

Overall, we had 4 performances, but most of us struck little children to whom we danced. They were very sincere and open. We showed our performances in elementary school. There were many happy faces of children and it lifted our spirits further! The last show was for our friends, trainers, and most of us.

We also enjoyed a cultural evening where we could treat our national dishes and talk about our country. At this time EuroMaydan revolution began in Ukraine. We were able to talk about the events that occured, their causes and show pictures from Ukraine. In response, we received moral support and understanding of the European youth.

The project was funded by European Commission’s Youth in Action program, and the main aim of the program – combating stereotypes and active social position of the youth – is obviously fulfilled by the MOJN project.

Ukrainian delegation thanks to project managers, Oleksandra Bakun and Bo Otterstrøm for the opportunity to participate in this project , feel the power of art and European culture and values.

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